Easy riddles for kids with answers

It’s funny riddles with answers time! Laugh yourself silly with easy riddles for kids with answers. Hard, easy, long or short, all are hilarious!
Easy riddles for kids with answers

Easy riddles for kids with answers

What do you get when you throw a lot of books into the ocean?

What has four wheels and flies?

Why couldn’t the bicycle stand up?

What do you call a boomerang that doesn’t come back?

Why did the man take his clock to

Because it had ticks.

What did the mouse say to the other mouse when he tried to steal his cheese?

Which is faster, heat or cold?

Why did the chicken go to jail?

What has two legs but can’t walk?

Why was the math book always worried?

Which school supply is king of the classroom?

Which vegetable should you never invite on a boat trip?

How did Benjamin Franklin feel when he discovered electricity?

Why did the horse chew with his mouth open?

What’s a tornado’s favorite game to play?

What do you give a sick lemon?

Why couldn’t the pirate play cards?

Easy riddles for kids with answers 2

Where do polar bears vote?

What’s a ghost’s favorite fruit?

Why did the robber take a shower?

What did the mayonnaise say when the refrigerator was opened?

What do you call a shoe made from a banana?

What did the apple tree say to the farmer?

Why are there fences around cemeteries?

Where do cows go on the weekend?

Why did the pony get detention?

What lights up a stadium?

What’s bigger than an elephant, but doesn’t weigh anything?

Why did the teacher have to wear sunglasses?

Which bus crossed the ocean?

What do you call a pig that does karate?

Why was six afraid of seven?

What do you call a fish with no eye?

Easy riddles for kids with answers 3

What do gymnasts, acrobats, and bananas all have in common?

What’s a frog’s favorite game?

What dies but never lives?

What day of the week does the potato look forward to the least?

What do you call a seagull that flies over the bay?

What is Dracula’s favorite fruit?

What does a skeleton order for dinner?

What’s a ghost’s favorite dessert?

How do monsters tell their fortunes?

Where does the witch park her vehicle?

What is a witch’s favorite subject in school?

Why couldn’t the ghost see his parents?

What do you do if you’re a fan of Dracula’s?

Where do ghosts go for a swim?

Whom did the monster ask to kiss his boo-boos after he fell?

What makes a skeleton laugh?

Easy riddles for kids with answers 4

What would you get if you crossed a teacher with a vampire?

Why did the skeleton cross the road?

What do witches order at hotels?

Why did the Cyclops stop teaching?

Why didn’t Dracula have any friends?

Where did the witch have to go when she misbehaved?

What do you get if you cross a vampire and a snowman?

What’s a ghost’s favorite room in the house?

What do birds do on Halloween?

Which monster is the best dance partner?

What did the turkey stay before it was roasted?

Why was the turkey arrested?

What smells the best at Thanksgiving?

What kind of weather does a turkey like?

What always comes at the end of Thanksgiving?

Why couldn’t the turkey eat dessert?

Easy riddles for kids with answers 5

What type of key is the most important at Thanksgiving dinner?

Which side of the turkey has the most feathers?

Are turkey leftovers good for your health?

What do elves learn in school?

What do you get if you cross a pine tree with an apple?

What type of diet did the snowman go on?

What did the snowman have for breakfast?

What do you have in December that you don’t have in any other month?

What often falls in winter, but never gets hurt?

Why did the boy keep his trumpet in the freezer?

What’s brown and sneaks around the kitchen?

What’s the difference between a Christmas alphabet and the regular alphabet?

What happened to the man who stole a calendar from the store?

Why was Santa’s helper sad?

What does Santa clean his sleigh with?

What did the stamp say to the envelope?

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