Most difficult riddles

Challenge your brain to some of the most difficult riddles in our collection. The harder they are the more you can brag you solved them!
Most difficult riddles

Most difficult riddles

Each day many people from all over the world come and visit me, however they usually only stay for a few minutes. I am considered by many to be very dirty yet few people would want to live without me. And, whenever people come see me, they reveal to me a part of themselves that they rarely show to others. What or who am I?

Sometimes I shine, sometimes I’m dull, sometimes I am big, and sometimes I am small. I can be pointy, I can be curved, and don’t ask me questions because even though I’m sharp, I’m not smart enough to answer you. What am I?

I am believed to be only one dimensional, and tinier than anything can be, and there are many who say that I am the basis of all that we see. What am I?

A limo driver is going the wrong way down a one way street. He goes past four police officers along the way, yet none of them stop him. One even smiled and waved. Why didn’t the police stop him?

If all Wibbles are Criggles, all Borkins are Kwumblins, no Hoggles are Borkins, and all Criggles are Borkins, is it true that all Borkins are Criggles?

What do you get if you add 2 blackberries and 5 apples?

Which of the following is the largest? Triangle, circle, square, or rectangle?

I can be long and can be short, I can be black, white, brown or purple. You can find me the world over and I am often the main event. What am I?

How can you fit 4 apples inside a box that measures 7x4x2 inches?

If pentagons have five sides, octagons have 8 sides, decagons have 10 sides and hexagons have 6. How many sides does a family of 3 have on their dining table?

Most difficult riddles 2

What is the equivalent of 4k + 2k +k?

How can you burn an apple, blueberry, rose and pumpkin without leaving any ashes but retaining the smell of it?

You can collect me and you can toss me, you can flip me, you can spin me, and people all around the world have different versions of me. What am I?

Besides another number, what can you add to the number 3 to turn it into an even number?

I flicker and I glow and tell stories and put on a show, to make me you must move super fast many pieces of art from the first to the last. What am I?

What do cinders, charcoal, ember, and fire have that a smoke simply doesn’t have?

What has a spot and is very bright, is sometimes, red, white, blue, yellow or green and is often blinding.

If you throw a bottle of wine, a carton of juice and a can of soda at someone’s head, which one will hurt the least?

I can be sad, I can be happy, I can be angry and cry, I come with many faces and sometimes many sizes. I am able to communicate things words often cannot and I can move from place to place at the speed of light. What am I?

Most difficult riddles 3

Claire ordered a meal for her family of four at a fast food restaurant. She ordered meal numbers 1, 3, 7 and 9 but the ended up giving all the food back. Why is that?

What kind of cup cannot hold water or other liquids and must be just the right size or it might have a lot of spillage?

If I don’t keep time correctly it may mean death. I cause a beating that doesn’t hurt, but rather sustains life. What am I ?

Four very obese women, one from Egypt, one from Lebanon, one from Sudan, and a British women became very sad when they lost 30 pounds. Why would they be sad?

I am sometimes old and sometimes sharp, I am often rich and fine and I absolutely love to have with me a nice glass of wine. What am I?

Why do the circle and oval only date shapes that are the same as themselves?

Besides all being fruit, what do Apples, Blackberries, Tangerines, Apricots and Raspberries have in common?

What did the number 1 say to number 11 when they were out shopping for jeans?

Mary and Jackie went on a vacation. They both got 2 separate hotel rooms. The rooms have no heating and Jackie was really cold but Mary was not. Without adding any clothing or wrapping herself in any other material or using any fire for heat, what did Mary do to stay warm in that cold empty room?

You can carry it everywhere you go, and it does not get heavy. What is it?

Name an eight letter word that has kst in the middle, in the beginning, and at the end.

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